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RubberBond Flat Roofing

McGuirk Roofing offers property owners in Kildare and Leinster with very best in professional RubberBond Flat Roofing installations. RubberBond Flat Roofing or EPDM is a modern flat roofing material that can boast twice the lifespan of traditional felt flat roofs. This long-lasting material doesn’t require any maintenance and is suitable for everything from commercial properties to domestic properties.

On industrial roofs, our RubberBond flat roofing experts are available to re-line valleys. The ease of installation of RubberBond Flat Roofs – hot works are not required – and its extremely long lifespan has made EPDM roofing popular with clients all over Kildare and Leinster.

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RubberBond Flat Roofing Kildare

RubberBond Flat Roofing offers property owners a range of benefits including:

  • Age Resistance EPDM uses a range of layers, to create a strong weather and leak residence roof that is age resistant. The life span of a RubberBond Flat Roof is over twice that of a traditional felt roof.

  • Superior Water Tight Protection Unlike traditional flat roofs, RubberBond Flat Roofs are more resistant to leakages. Their layered system includes a watertight membrane that offers superior protection from leaks and damp patches.

  • Cost-Effective The long life span of EPDM roofs means that in the long term they are a much more cost-effective flat roofing solution.

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